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I am so excited to serve as a teacher for HGA and witness students learn and progress. This is my 6th year to teach Mathematics and Science. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Make-Up Work (May 16 to May 20)...LAST Chance!

Dear Scholars,
GOOD News!!! Any assignments and assessments you have missed or failed to submit (Math and Science) since the start of our Distance Learning due to the Corona virus pandemic, you are allowed for make-up work except for the KHAN Academy work. It is, however, your responsibility to find out what work was missed. Start by going to your class period and read carefully the description for more info. I am NOT going to entertain queries as what assignment/s have been turned in or which ones you missed. 
Credit for missed assignments for make-up will only be received IF work/evidence of answers has been satisfactorily shown. In addition, the missed assignment/s and assessment/s have to be completed within the time/period specified (May 16 - May 20 only).
Please take advantage of this make-up work opportunity so you'll have the chance to bump up your grade and before I come up with my official list of students recommended for Summer School.
This make-up work opportunity is not for you IF you're fully aware that you did not miss any assignments and assessments. Your assignment for the Week of May 18 to 20, is log in to your KHAN Academy account.  Few lessons have been posted for you to complete on Calculating the Mean and Median.
We're almost there my dear 6th graders!

May 11 to May 15, 2020

Reminders/Upcoming Assignments:
1.   Great job dear scholars for submitting assessment and assignments on time. You make me so glad how you turn in your work without any notifications sent regarding due dates or deadlines. 
2.   Math assignments can be accessed this week by logging in on your KHAN Academy account. The posted lessons on calculating Area of Triangles, Parallelograms, and Composite Figures are due on May 15, Friday.
3.   Complete worksheets about Balanced and Unbalanced Forces for Science. Kindly select your class period and click the file attached to view the assignment. Please be prepared to turn in your work on or before May 15, Friday.
4.   Zoom Meetings will be on May 13, Wednesday. The time is 2:00 for 6A and 3:00 for 6B. Kindly have your Math Assessment #2 ready as I will be going over the questions in the packet during the meeting.
Any questions, concerns you might have, please do not hesitate to call or text. 
Ms. Dimitui

May 4 to May 8, 2020

Upcoming Assignments!
1.   FANTASTIC JOB to Tyger Tamez for getting a perfect score on the 1st Math assessment due last April 28.
2.   Click the document titled SCI_ReadInfo to learn about Heat Transfer. The second file attached comes with 2 sheets for you to complete based on the information you read from the first document. This assignment is due on May 8.
3.   On May 8, Math assessment #2 is due. Click the file attached to view the packet.
4.   I hope you will all join the scheduled Zoom Meetings this Wednesday, May 6. 
For questions, concerns feel free to contact me.
Thank you and stay safe!

Ms. Dimitui's 6th Grade Math/Science Class

Dear Parents/Scholars,

To view or print attached assignments, please select your class period and click on the link to the document that you need to complete.

Remember that it is crucial that you turn in assignments ON TIME (pay attention to the indicated due dates). To receive full credit, your work must have proper labels/units, organized step-by-step work, and strategies shown. Be aware that certain number of points per day are deducted, as a result of late submission.

You should have received your unique username/password today, (April 7) for Khan Academy. Having trouble logging in, please let me know.

Kindly check communication frequently, and again feel free to email, text, or call me to discuss any concerns/questions you may have.

Thank you and stay safe!


Ms. Dimitui

[email protected]

April 27 to May 1, 2020

1.   Assessment #1 for Math is due on Tuesday, April 28. Great Job Avery Carranza, Ana Victoria Cavazos, and Pamela Engbrock for already submitting their test. Kindly ensure that you provide evidence of your answer, step-by-step work, when turning in your assignment.
2.   Confirmation messages such as "Received", "Thank You" are being sent once assignments are accepted. You do not have neither messages from April 20 to 25 can mean work is not turned in.
3.   Science assignment about Competition in Ecosystem is due on May 1. Choose your class period and click the file April 27 to May 1 Sci to view the packet.
4.   Order of Operations assignments have been created on KHAN ACADEMY, due on May 1, Friday.
5.   Zoom meetings are again scheduled for Wednesday, April 29. Kindly check emails or messages for the invitation. 
      6A --- 2:00pm.                                          6B --- 3:00pm. 
Thank you and I appreciate all that you do my dear scholars and parents!

April 20 - 24, 2020

Important Reminders:
1. Be aware that you have 2 options in submitting your assignments so a decent grade could be earned. These two options are (a) turn in your work
in advance or (b) turn it in on time. Math packet with file name April 15 to 24 assignment is due on April 24 (Friday). FANTASTIC JOB to the following scholars for selecting option (a), sending work in advance:
Eduardo Tapia, Emily Avila, Pamela Engbrock, Avery Carranza, and  Yaretzi Bermudez
2. KHAN Academy assignments have been created (Lesson on Dividing Decimals) due on April 24 as well. As what I have reiterated during our Zoom meeting, you were trained how to use your time wisely, so make sure you do the same thing at home.
3. Science assignment is still about Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids. Click the document SCI assignment April 20 to 24. It is due on April 24, (Friday).
4. ZOOM meeting is again scheduled for Wednesday, April 22. Link for the meeting will be sent on Tuesday.
               6A:      2:00.                     ;               6B:       3:00
5. Kindly call, text, or send me an email for any questions, comments you might have.

Important Reminders

1. Khan Academy assignments (Ratios/Rates) are due today, April 14 at 11:59    PM.
2. Scholars who have submitted the assignments on time or a little bit late, "thank you". Names listed below have not done so, due is today as well, April 14.
                       MATH                                         SCIENCE
                                                                         Jocelyn M.
                   Roberto J.                                      Roberto J.
                   Kathleen L.                                    Kathleen L.
                   Danna C.                                       Danna C.
                   Christopher O.                               Estrella F.     
                   Cheyry C.                                       Cheyry C.
                   Cassandra G.                                 Cassandra G.
                                                                          Xavier A.
                                                                          Amaya S.
                                                                          Kaylen C.
3.  If you are participating to the scheduled meetings below, please respond through text, call, or email. 
     *Zoom Meeting for 6A will be tomorrow, April 15 at 2:00
     *Zoom Meeting for 6B will be tomorrow, April 15 at 3:00
(The invitation had been sent yesterday. For some reasons you didn't get it, please let me know.)
4. With regard to upcoming assignments, they're ALL posted on this web page. Click the file: April 15 to 24 assignment for Math due on April 24 ; Metals, Non-Metals...worksheets for Science due on April 17.
5. Finished EARLY with the assignments???? You are welcome to submit them in advance. No messages will be sent to remind you re: work submission/due dates. Assignments not received on the due date, penalties are applied!
Question? Concerns? Confused? Please call (8322744503); email: [email protected]
THANK YOU for ALL that you do my dear parents/scholars.
Ms. Dimitui

Great Job!

To the following scholars who already submitted in advance their assignments:
                  MATH                                             SCIENCE
Tyger Tamez                                                Julissa Flores
Emily Avila                                                   Natalia Villegas
Michelle Cisneros                                        Juan  Cardenas
Isaiah Henriquez                                         Izeah Cabello
Patricia Chagolla                                        Jenifer Pelico
Angel Mendez                                             Madeleine Perez
Jenifer Pelico                                              Sophia Carter
Danielle Mendez                                         Angel Hernandez
Brittany Funez                                            Christopher Ochoa
Avery Carranza                                           Eduardo Tapia
Madeleine Perez
Angel Garza
Pamela Engbrock
Itzel Mendez
Angel Hernandez
Victor Alanis
Kaylen Cruz
Eduardo Tapia
Thank you dear scholars and parents for your usual cooperation and support!
Ms. Dimitui

Dear Scholars,
I hope all is well with you and your family. Just a reminder to please always check due dates of your assignments so you can turn them in ON TIME. Also, don't forget that you are to complete online assignments for ALL the learning areas (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and even P.E) so, check your teacher's web page for more information.
New assignments for Math and Science will be posted via attached file on Monday and its respective due dates, make sure you keep checking.
Thank you and stay well!
Ms. Dimitui

Dear scholars,
Ready to turn in your completed assignment/s? You have two ways to submit your work:
a) take a photo of each page, send it to this number, 832 274 4503 
b) scan and send it to my email: [email protected]
Thank you and stay well please.