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Donation Committee » Donation Process

Donation Process

  1. Any staff member can submit a recommendation for a HGA scholar via e-mail donationcommittee@hgaschools.org to receive a donation.
    The recommendation e-mail letter must include:
    a) Scholar’s name
    b) Scholar’s address
    c) Scholar’s phone number
    d) Scholar family members’ employment status
    e) Scholar household members’ names and ages
    f) Scholar’s campus and grade
    g) Brief summary stating the scholar’s needs
    * Incomplete recommendations will NOT be accepted. A response e-mail will be generated within 72 hours from the date and time of submission.
  2. The Donation Committee will review all submissions and will select recipient/recipients based on the criteria. Recipients will be contacted by the Donation Liaison.
  3. Distribution:
    a) On campus - The donation will be distributed to the designated campus. The Donation Liaison will meet the recipient to award the donation and obtain signed Video/Photo Release form and acknowledgment of received donation.
    b) Off Campus- If the donations must be picked up at another location, then the Donation Liaison will initially meet the recipient to obtain all required documents. A committee member must be present at the time of delivery and/or pick up.