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What Sets Us Apart? » What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

Houston Gateway Academy (HGA) charter schools are a high performing charter school network that provides top quality education to any Pre-K through 12th grade student who enrolls in our schools.
A big part of our success is attributed to a relentless approach of bell-to-bell rigorous instruction, delivered through what we call “HGA Essential Elements of Instruction”, in which every component of our lesson cycle is clearly defined.  Additionally, all teachers are provided with lesson plans in order to sustain quality and uniformity in our excellence among all HGA campuses.  Modern instructional tools like Promethean boards and individual student iPads further enhance the learning experience at HGA.
Our schools also implement a unique strategy of engaging teachers with parents through home visits conducted at the beginning of the school year, right before the first day of classes. This proactive approach ensures a strong bond with our parents right from the start, reinforcing a sense of collaboration, teamwork, and unity.
Another remarkable aspect of HGA's approach is our unique data analysis of students’ academic progress. Our teachers and principals analyze data by identifying and addressing academic gaps on a weekly basis through what we call a “TEKS tracker.”  This commitment enables our teachers to make instructional adjustments based on students’ strengths and weaknesses.
HGA's extended day also contributes to our success, providing a platform of supplemental instruction and dinner to all students.  This approach reinforces our mission of delivering a rigorous academic curriculum and effectively preparing students for high school and beyond.