Important Reminders

1. Khan Academy assignments (Ratios/Rates) are due today, April 14 at 11:59    PM.
2. Scholars who have submitted the assignments on time or a little bit late, "thank you". Names listed below have not done so, due is today as well, April 14.
                       MATH                                         SCIENCE
                                                                         Jocelyn M.
                   Roberto J.                                      Roberto J.
                   Kathleen L.                                    Kathleen L.
                   Danna C.                                       Danna C.
                   Christopher O.                               Estrella F.     
                   Cheyry C.                                       Cheyry C.
                   Cassandra G.                                 Cassandra G.
                                                                          Xavier A.
                                                                          Amaya S.
                                                                          Kaylen C.
3.  If you are participating to the scheduled meetings below, please respond through text, call, or email. 
     *Zoom Meeting for 6A will be tomorrow, April 15 at 2:00
     *Zoom Meeting for 6B will be tomorrow, April 15 at 3:00
(The invitation had been sent yesterday. For some reasons you didn't get it, please let me know.)
4. With regard to upcoming assignments, they're ALL posted on this web page. Click the file: April 15 to 24 assignment for Math due on April 24 ; Metals, Non-Metals...worksheets for Science due on April 17.
5. Finished EARLY with the assignments???? You are welcome to submit them in advance. No messages will be sent to remind you re: work submission/due dates. Assignments not received on the due date, penalties are applied!
Question? Concerns? Confused? Please call (8322744503); email:
THANK YOU for ALL that you do my dear parents/scholars.
Ms. Dimitui