Make-Up Work (May 16 to May 20)...LAST Chance!

Dear Scholars,
GOOD News!!! Any assignments and assessments you have missed or failed to submit (Math and Science) since the start of our Distance Learning due to the Corona virus pandemic, you are allowed for make-up work except for the KHAN Academy work. It is, however, your responsibility to find out what work was missed. Start by going to your class period and read carefully the description for more info. I am NOT going to entertain queries as what assignment/s have been turned in or which ones you missed. 
Credit for missed assignments for make-up will only be received IF work/evidence of answers has been satisfactorily shown. In addition, the missed assignment/s and assessment/s have to be completed within the time/period specified (May 16 - May 20 only).
Please take advantage of this make-up work opportunity so you'll have the chance to bump up your grade and before I come up with my official list of students recommended for Summer School.
This make-up work opportunity is not for you IF you're fully aware that you did not miss any assignments and assessments. Your assignment for the Week of May 18 to 20, is log in to your KHAN Academy account.  Few lessons have been posted for you to complete on Calculating the Mean and Median.
We're almost there my dear 6th graders!