April 27 to May 1, 2020

1.   Assessment #1 for Math is due on Tuesday, April 28. Great Job Avery Carranza, Ana Victoria Cavazos, and Pamela Engbrock for already submitting their test. Kindly ensure that you provide evidence of your answer, step-by-step work, when turning in your assignment.
2.   Confirmation messages such as "Received", "Thank You" are being sent once assignments are accepted. You do not have neither messages from April 20 to 25 can mean work is not turned in.
3.   Science assignment about Competition in Ecosystem is due on May 1. Choose your class period and click the file April 27 to May 1 Sci to view the packet.
4.   Order of Operations assignments have been created on KHAN ACADEMY, due on May 1, Friday.
5.   Zoom meetings are again scheduled for Wednesday, April 29. Kindly check emails or messages for the invitation. 
      6A --- 2:00pm.                                          6B --- 3:00pm. 
Thank you and I appreciate all that you do my dear scholars and parents!