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At Home Learning Plan Parents. Parents, please click the link to access resources for each of our HGA scholars to complete while at home.




Well, here we are the 7th week, soon we will be done and it's time to start wrapping up the year.  Next week, Friday the 8th, will be the last day to turn in any missing assignments.  The last 2 weeks I will be setting up a day for each of you to test your history for the year.  I will be adding a sheet to your assignments on this site with a list of everything that could be on the test to help you review for your test.  Testing will begin the week of the 11th of May.  

Almost done

Well here we are almost at the end of the year.  We have 4 weeks before we are out for the TV that we are changing the way we live in our new world now.  As we get ready to move on keep positive and be strong.  We miss you all.  Rsolis

Week 4

As the weeks continue at home they all seem to melt into one another.  Please don't let that keep you from keeping up with your work.  Lets have a productive week.  RSolis

This is a new drawing I have just this week started.  stay posted and see how it comes out.  Any new projects your working on?  share and I'll post them.  Rsolis
Picture is one of mine from years ago.... High School.  
This week we focus on Child Labor both in reading and history.  

2nd Week

This is all new to us, as teachers we are adjusting the way we will asking you to learn and do your work, as students you are learning the new ways to learn and communicate.  Keep your self on a schedule, we trying to be patient and make modifications.  Keep in mind we need to cooperate with each other. 
If you do not understand how to do something reach out to us. Do not wait til the end of the week to let us know you did not do the work because you did not understand.  I am available from 8:30-5:00.  I will accept phone calls to answer questions till 7pm .  Thanks and lets have a productive week.  Ms Solis 8th