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It is a distinct privilege and pleasure to teach Mandarin at Houston Gateway Academy. This is my ninth year with HGA. Mandarin is the official language in China and Taiwan. This class is provided the opportunity for high school students not only to learn the language, but also the historical rich Chinese cultures. I look forward to giving students a broader understanding, vision, and language advantage in their future career.
In this time where all of our classes are fully online, please be mindful of the progression of your courses and keep track of your posted assignments to the best of your ability. 


Final exam has been posted !

The final exam for this semester has been posted on the class web-page. You only need to turn in a written portion,Two part,  there is no recording necessary. As always, please indicate your name and period in the file, and in your email/text. You MUST turn in the exam on time, 05/18/20, Monday, because I need to have final grades up by Wednesday. DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINE, or you will not get a grade!

New Assignment Posted

Hi everyone,
I posted a new assignment for all the classes. This is the last lesson we will be learning for the semester. In the assignment, there is no need to write anything, the only thing you will be turning in is a recording. Please follow the instructions, and turn in the assignment on time. Since the due date is the last class day before finals, I cannot accept any late work.
Also, our final exam will be on Monday, May 18th, so please be ready. You will have a full day to finish the exam, and then I will calculate your final grade in the class. Warning: NO WORK, NO GRADE. Since we are doing an online format, I can only give you a grade if you turn in your work. If you're having difficulties, please let me know so I can help you.

Reopened assignment 1-3 and test

I reopened assignment 1-3 and test 1 again. If you missed those assignments, please finish and turn them in as soon as possible. No work, no grade.

Reopened assignments

I have reopened the most recent two past due assignments. If you didn't turn them in on time, please turn them in before the new due day. For those you already turned them in, you don't need to repeat, just continue to do the new one.

New Assignments Posted

Hello everyone,
All classes have a new assignment due next Wednesday, April 29th. Please make sure all of your written portions have your name and period, and turn in all parts of the assignment in ONE email or text. Also please indicate your name and period in the email/text.

Re-opened assignments

I want to make a clarification. Those re-opened assignments are for the students who didn't turn in on the due day. Since we won't go back to school before end of school year, your grades are depended on the work you turn in. Those students who didn't turn in the assignments, please finish doing the reopened assignments, turn them in as soon as possible, and also do the current assignment. For those students who has turned in every assignment, you don't need to do it again. Just continue to do the current assignment. 

FOR ALL MANDARIN CLASSES: Re-opened Past Due Assignments

Hi everyone! For all students who have not finished or turned in the past assignments, I have re-opened the assignments so that you can turn them in so you can at least get a passing grade. Turn them in by Friday the 24th. Please finish upcoming work and turn it in on time! Thank you!

Assignments due on Monday, 04/20

I have new assignments posted for both Mandarin I and Mandarin II, due on Monday, April 20th. Read the directions carefully and turn in your assignment files in ONE email or text, indicating your name and period.  If you have any questions about the assignments, please text me.

Mandarin I Lesson 10 and Mandarin II lesson 9 Introduction video

Watch the video, and write down the main idea on extra paper.

Keep Up with the Posts

Please make sure you're up to date on my posts and assignments. Always check to make sure if there is anything new I have posted so that you don't miss anything important.
The test was due yesterday, so for the students who haven't turned it in yet, please get that in to me as soon as possible! Report cards are going to be sent out by the end of this week.
Also, please turn in missing/late assignments to avoid getting zeros.

Checking In: Keep up the good work!

Since break ended we've had three assignments due and the most recent one was due last Friday. This is a list of students who have turned in the all three assignments and did a great job on them. I want to commend these students, and I hope that everyone who didn't turn in all of the assignments will follow their examples. If you think there is a mistake or something went wrong when trying to turn in the assignment, please let me know by emailing or texting my phone number as soon as possible.
First Period:
Miguel Acosta
Diego Acosta
Adriana Alvarez
Fernando Bocanegra
Elyan Carbajal
Mia Careaga
Jose Gonzalez
Roberto Gutierrez
Sitlali Lara
Daniela Macedo
Justin Martinez
Nathan Martinez
Omar Martinez
Alina Medrano
Izaiah Mendoza
Melanie Quiterio
Alonso Solis
Second Period:
Denise Cervantes
Sofia Chavez
Emily Contreras
Melanie Estrada
Meleny Herrera
Virginia Rocha
Daniela Rodriguez
J'Niqua Rubaine
Marla Sosa
Trinity Torres
Diego Vazquez
Third Period:
Stefany Alvarado
Ruby Daniel
Gael Jasso
Arron Mireles
Jessica Zitlalpopoca
Blanca Zuniga
Fifth Period:
Arturo Aguilar
Christina Hernandez
Naidelyn Herrera
Jose Ontiveros
Melany Ortega
Mayte Ortuno
Joselyn Parades
Angelina Ramirez
J'Nicia Rubaine
Daniela Salinas
Gabriela Salinas
Angel Saravia
Madolyn Soto
Elisha Valdeabella
Romeo Vega
Sixth Period:
Christobal Anaya
Britney Cruz
Heidi Cuenca
Sofia Delgado
Nadia Garcia
Rogelio Gil Jr.
Valeria Gomez
Erick Gonzalez
Joshua Mendoza
Michelle Mondragon
Flavio Montoya
Seventh Period:
Katelyn Bravo
Geovanna Delapaz-Medoza
Cecilia Delgado
Timothy Loya
Paulina Rodriguez
Ashley Villalon