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English Language arts

Hello Parents and Scholars,
there's only a few weeks left of school.  Unfortunately, several of those weeks will be spent at home while these hard times are put behind us.  Yes, these last few days have been stressful and challenging, but we need to adapt to the situation and keep on moving forward. With that being said, let's finish the year STRONG!
During these next few weeks, our scholars will be using different platforms to stay up to date with school work and keep on practicing with important material previously learned. Please, make sure that our outstanding scholars check this page daily as I will be giving further details and instructions on what assignments they will be completing. 
Feel free to text, email, or call me with any questions.
Thank you!!
Victor Valle
cell: 713-818-9664


Scholars, as you all know, we are still taking grades! All of your freshmen teachers have contacted your parents and yourself to explain about the homework we are giving out each week.  I want to say that I am PROUD of all of you for the hard work you are putting in every week and submitting your work.  Please help us by passing the word to your friends when the new work is posted online every Monday.  
1st and 2nd periods - 83% of the assignments have been submitted
4th period - 83% of the assignments have been submitted
5th period - 74% of the assignments have been submitted
6th and 7th periods - 82% of assignments have been submitted
As you can see, we are still missing work. I will buy pizza and ice cream to the class with the highest percentage of turned in work as of May 4th. We are scheduled to return to school on May 4th, so they pizza party will be on that Friday. Let's keep pushing and working hard at home and let the competition begin!!!!!
PS: Who doesn't love pizza and ice cream??
Scholars, one quick update!! Once you are finished with your essay, it should have a MAXIMUM of  286 total words.  You cannot go over 286 words. That is the equivalent of an average of 11 words for each of the 26 lines. Can your essay have less words? Of course! But no more than 286!!! Thank you!!
Good afternoon, scholars! Please check out the PowerPoint I uploaded as it walks you through the thesis and idea #1 of your prompt. In addition, please make sure to read the instructions. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send me a text or email. Thank you and let's get to work!
Good afternoon, scholars! I have copied a link for a video I want you to watch.  Go to your class and you will find it.  Tomorrow I will post more instructions.
Scholars, the following list of students have missing work!! Please contact me ASAP so we can make arrangements for you to complete it.  If you finished it and I responded with a grade, email me back your work so I can take that grade. Thank you!
PS: points will be deducted for all of this late work, but it is better than a 0 (ZERO)
Adrian Hurtado                                      Gabriela Castillo          Victor Luna      
Bacillio Olascoaga                                 Ricardo Cortez             Gabriel Martinez
DaJuan Garcia                                       Eber Cruz                    Damian Meza
Angel Lara                                              Jorge Escalera            Herman Ortuno
Jun Rodriguez                                        Ingrid Lares                 Jonathan Pena
Marc Rojas                                             Bacillio Oloascaga       Leilany Pena
Victor Garcia                                           Cristo Palomares         Kimbresh Ruiz
Sandra Guevara                                     David Torres                Angel Vazquez
Herman Ortuno                                      John Cuellar                 Daniela Chapa
Jonathan Pena                                      Dajuan Garcia             Yessica Ontiveros
Leilany Pena                                          Angel Lara                  Andrea Salazar
Kimbresh Ruiz                                       Andrew Moreno          Jennifer Uresti
Angel Vazquez                                      Jun Rodriguez            Javier Vargas
Edgar Dimas                                         Katelyn Bravo             Camilo Morales
Daleth Hernandez                                 Eric Dominguez
Isabela Salazar                                     Julio Flores
Jennifer Uresti                                       Victor Garcia
Javier Vargas                                         Sandra Guevara
                                                              Liliana Lucio
Eber Cruz                                                 Eber Cruz                     Heidy Ajanel 
Jorge Escalera                                         Adrian Hurtado              Amy Chairez
Gael Jasso                                               Gael Jasso                   Daniela Chapa
Christopher Mateos                                  Bacillio Oloascaga        Edgar Dimas
Bacillio Olascoaga                                   Jose Zepeda          ApolinarDominguez
Emily Solorzano                                       Adriana Duran             Emily Flores
John Cuellar                                            DaJuan Garcia             Isabela Salazar
Dajuan Garcia                                          Nomar Garcia             Jennifer Uresti
Angel Lara                                               Angel Lara                   Javier Vargas
Jesse Martinez                                       Jesse Martinez             Vincent Rivera
Jun Rodriguez                                        Fatima Membreno
Cassandra Betancourt                           Jose Ontiveros
Sandra Guevara                                    Jun Rodriguez
Herman Ortuno                                      Jackie Alaniz
Jonathan Pena                                      Cassandra Betancourt
Leilany Pena                                         Sandra Guevara
Dulce Rodriguez                                   Timothy Loya
Angel Vazquez                                     Victor Luna
Amy Chairez                                         Gabriel Martinez
Daniela Chapa                                      Herman Ortuno
Edgar Dimas                                         Jonathan Pena
Isabela Salazar                                     Leilany Pena
Jennifer Uresti                                      Kimbresh Ruiz
Javier Vargas                                        Angel Vazquez
Scholars, some of you have already emailed me your writing assignments for the week, thank you!! I did state in my instructions that I am going to deduct ONE point for every misspelled word, missed comma, apostrophe, period, and dash.  I have deducted many points on the assignments that have already been submitted.  I still EXPECT quality work!!! 
Thank you! :)
Scholars, I have uploaded your work for this week and it is due this Friday. I have also attached videos to help you out with your work.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.  You can send me an email or text from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday - Thursday and 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Fridays. 
I have already replied to everyone one of you who has either emailed or texted me your work. If you did not get a respond from me, it means that you did not complete your work or you sent it to the wrong email or phone numbers.  Thank you and lets have a productive week!!
Scholars, some of you had questions in regards to this week's homework, so I uploaded a video with instructions.  Please take a look at it.  It is found in the assignments section under YOUR class period.  If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me from 7:45 to 5:00 Monday - Thursday and 7:45 to 3:00 Fridays.  Thank you!!
PS: Please take a look at the video!!!!
Good afternoon, scholars! I have uploaded the new assignments for this week.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send me an email or text.  I am still grading last week's work.  I will reply back with a grade ASAP! Please write "YOUR CLASS PERIOD"on the section "SUBJECT" on the email.  I attached a picture for reference.

Deleted work

For those of you who could not complete the writing assignment because it was deleted, I have uploaded it again.  I have extended the deadline to Monday.  Please pas the word!!
Thank you!

Good afternoon!! Thank you for keeping up with my assignments.  By now, I already replied with a grade and comment to those who emailed me their completed work.  If you emailed me your homework, but I did not reply, please let me know!! Please continue to spread the word about the work for my class.  Tomorrow I will grade your other assignment.  Thank you and stay safe!!

Creative Writing Video

I have attached two links for your Creative Writing assignment. Make sure to watch them for any help.  If you are still confused, you can email or text me.

Creative Writing

Scholars, I have uploaded your first assignment for Creative Writing.  It is due this Friday.  Please spread the word to your classmates.  IF you have any questions let me know! Thank you and let's get busy!

1st assignment

Scholars, I have uploaded your first assignment! Please let your other classmates know about it.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, email me at vallev@hgaschools.org or you can text me at 713-818-9664.  I will be uploading another assignment tomorrow. Thank you and good luck!!