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A Special Shout-Out to Scholars!

I would like to thank all scholars from 6C and 6D for submitting your assignments weekly and on time.  I really appreciate your hard work and dedication.  BE SAFE! 
 Ms. Harris 

Hello Parents and Scholars

Hello Parents and Scholars,

I hope all is well!   I have created my online classes.  Go to HGA website, click on student or parent, then click on staff, and find my name, Dorris Adams-Harris, 6th Grade Teacher.  All assignments are listed and the due dates and class periods.  6C (5 and 6) Mr. Franco’s group and 6D (1 and 2) Ms. Harris’ group must complete all listed assignments.  Do not submit work that’s NOT for the current week.  Stick with week by week so we do not get confused.  All the instructions for each assignment is listed below.  To get started two assignments will be given every week for each subject.  Before starting any assignment please read the directions carefully.  Weekly, you will have a Reading (ELAR) warm up to complete, a reading passage/test will be due on Thursday of the same week by 4 pm.  Your Writing is due on Thursday as you will read the directions and follow the same steps for all subjects.  Write the number and answer on the side. History is due on Friday by 4 pm.  Read the passage then complete the questions only write the answers and open-ended questions.  Write in complete sentences for all answers; No Excuses!  I will post two grades or more weekly in the grade book, so make sure I get your work on time.  For every assignment write your full name, title of the lesson on your paper, number the questions and write only the answer for all assignments for incomplete sentences.  When submitting the work, you will take a picture or scan the work then text or email to me with your parent’s approval.  If you do not have email or a cellphone just hold on to the work until further notice.  If you have an email or cellphone, you will submit to me by scanning the work and sending I’ll my cellphone or email.  If you have any questions you or your parent can reach out to me. 

Reminder Update 3/27/2020:  Scholars Khan Academy Account is another extra practice for you to continue to learning and view materials that you are a having problems.  I will send your parents the information.  You should already have the login information that I gave to you during the school year.  If not I will forward it soon. 

Weekly Class Schedule Assignments due dates

Reading (ELAR) and Writing due on Thursday 4 P.M.

History due on Friday 4 P.M.

Ms. Harris

Cellphone number: 832.230.6119 best way to reach me is by text.

Email Address:  [email protected]

Sixth Grade Teacher

I am a career educator who saw a gap in the vertical design in education and decided to make a difference in that area from grades second to sixth. I have dedicated many years to developing and implementing my craft. Although I began my career in Houston Independent School District, I found a home at Houston Gateway Academy, Inc. I have served in many capacities from teaching elementary grades’ 2, 3, and 4, currently teaching sixth grade, being a Lead Teacher for many years, a Reading First Interventionist with the Reading First Program located at the Evergreen Campus, and part of the Houston Gateway Academy Team Management for the Evergreen Campus. I continue to help my students to soar to excellence in education from year to year. My belief is that with knowledge and determination you can do anything. My desire is to produce life long-learners and honorable citizens.